Dec 5, 2012


Keeping it Real?

More people than not, would be apt to take issue with the idea of their first lady (pastor’s wife) as the subject of a reality TV show. Not that there isn’t a great deal of curiosity surrounding their lives or any doubting the growing clout they have on today’s church scene.

Consider, for example, the fact that those like Taffy Dollar, Betty Price, Victoria Osteen and Serita Jakes are celebrities in their own right with a loyal following of women (and men) who buy their books, watch them on TV, sign up for their cruises, and flock to hear them speak. And like celebrities, for many like Victoria Osteen, the role means never being able to go grocery shopping without someone watching what your wearing or putting in your cart.

Until recently, this arena has been for the most part unchartered territory—a close knit group of tight-lipped women, whose activities had been under the radar. Except for events like L.A. Focus’ First Ladies High Tea, which launched 15 years ago and Lois Evans’ annual First Lady Conference, they are women who went largely unnoticed except within their own churches and denominations given, of course, their husband’s status.

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Divine Deliverance Ministries, Los Angeles

“All I knew as a kid was church but it wasn’t until I actually put my shoes on as a first lady that I realized why my mom had the relationship she did with God—because people will come to you with their different issues and if you don’t have anything to give to them, you will go crazy.”

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