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On Saturday, October 20 at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, Dr. Betty Price will play host to her 34th Annual Wisdom From Above Luncheon, a standing room only fellowship of women seeking enlightenment from one of the religious world’s biggest names.

And wisdom is something she has freely given on everything from health—as a cancer survivor—to salvation, prosperity and marriage as the author of four books, Standing by God’s Man, Through the Fire & Through the Water:  My Triumph Over Cancer, the story of her battle with and victory over a dreaded enemy – cancer; Lifestyles of the Rich & Faithful, A Handbook for Successful Christian Living, and “A Warning to Ministers, Their Wives and Mistresses”.

While her health memoir, “Through the Fire & Through the Water: My Triumph Over Cancer” has served as a tremendous source of inspiration and healing for thousands of families, it was her 2009 book, “A Warning to Ministers, Their Wives and Mistresses” that got people talking about a problem in the church long considered taboo.

“It really is a huge problem,” said Price, who had experienced the situation first-hand.

“[Once] this lady came into the church.  Everyday, she had a prophecy for my husband and it all sounded really exciting in the spirit and he was caught up in that—wanting to hear that all the time. I felt something wasn’t not right about that relationship. When I told him that, he didn’t understand it. He just thought, oh, I’m just getting some spiritual advice, but you don’t need to be involved with a person of the opposite sex that much because you can end up in something that you didn’t count on.

“Anyway, that relationship bothered me so that I had to put my foot down and say okay, if you have to have a relationship like this I’m out of here because I’m not going to act like so many first ladies who fuss all the way to church and then get out of the car smiling like everything’s alright.”

Born Betty Ruth Scott on February 9, 1934 in Gloster, Mississippi, her family moved to Los Angeles when she was nine.  She met her future husband, Frederick K.C. Price, when they were both still in high school.  Married nearly 60 years, they have four children — Angela Marie Evans, Cheryl Ann Price, Stephanie Pauline Buchanan, and Frederick Kenneth Price, Jr., all of whom work for the ministry at Crenshaw Christian Center in Los Angeles..

A devout Christian since early childhood, Dr. Betty continues to play a vital role in her husband’s ministry, as well as in the operation of the church.  She and Dr. Price travel extensively all over the world, ministering the uncompromising Word of God.

“When we first started pasturing,” Price recalls, “we weren’t spirit filled and we didn’t understand the principles of faith, but in ever since 1970 we’ve been walking in victory and it’s just gone up, up, up and is very exciting.”

Dr. Betty shares her personal testimony with women’s groups and organizations across the country. Her love and concern for others have led to the establishment of numerous women’s programs and fellowships including Alcohol/Drug Abuse and Co-Dependency Programs, intercessory prayer, domestic violence, young mothers, relief from grief and Vermont Village Community Development Corporation (VVCDC).

Over the years Dr. Betty received numerous awards and commendations from local, state, and federal government agencies for her community service work, as well as received the honor as “Woman of the Year” from the Los Angeles County Commission for Women in the Second District.

“The biggest joy”, says the grandmother of seven, “is if you really truly do it according to God’s word, you can truly help people and that’s what I like. It’s what we both like. It’s not about what we can get for ourselves, though they accuse Dr. Price of that, but they are so wrong—and they’re sure going to have to pay, but it’s just the idea of helping people.

Today, at 78, Price counts it a privilege that women look up to her as an example.

“If they will take what you’re trying to teach them and then live by it, they’ll see big changes. We live by it and have walked victoriously for 40 years.”

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