First Lady Honorees for 15th Annual High Tea Are Named


Dr. Beverly “BAM” Crawford, Tisa Hill, Togetta Ulmer and Evelyn Perkins have been named among the honorees for the 15th Annual First Ladies High Tea. The event will be held on October 13th in Beverly Hills.

Crawford, one of the most in-demand females on the national black religious circuit, is also the founder and senior pastor of the Inglewood-based Bible Enrichment Fellowship International. With a membership upwards of 3,000, Crawford has broken new ground as the only black female west of the Mississippi to lead a mega church and is being honored for the tremendous contributions she has made to the community  from her weekly food giveaways to her tireless work with mental health and women’s issues.

“As women, we typically approach our roles with care and the desire to empower others, so it is an honor to be recognized by the First Ladies High Tea, an event I have been part of since it’s inception,” said Crawford, who has served as host of the tea. “And to be included in a list of honorees that includes Maria Shriver, Nancy Wilson, Suzanne dePasse and California Attorney General Kamala Harris only makes it all the more special”.

Ulmer, the wife of Bishop Kenneth Ulmer and First Lady of the 10,000+ member strong Faithful Central Bible Church, works alongside her husband in his quest to “build champions for the kingdom—one at a time”. In her role as helpmate, she has become involved in community issues spanning everything from couples fellowship and teen bible study to adult literacy and financial stewardship.

“I am thrilled to be honored by L.A. Focus,” Ulmer states. It has been an honor for me to serve my husband and the members of Faithful Central Bible Church, particularly to help teach people how to live a Christian life. That women at my church have seen something in me that inspires them is because of how God has worked through me and what He has done for me. By no means are any of us perfect, but we can all become better if we are in the word and living the word”.

Hill, the wife of Rev. Edward V. Hill II, has learned to balance her time as the first lady of two churches—Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church and Calvary Temple Pentecostal Holiness Church. She works by her husband’s side at both churches as choir member, mentor and coordinating women’s retreats and has also accepted her call into ministry.

Said Hill, “I am extremely grateful and humbled to be honored by the First Ladies High Tea” amongst such great women of God. I was taught by my mother-in-law, the late Jane Edna Hill, that the title of a First Lady is given to one who endeavors to possess grace, appropriateness and humility. Being the first lady of two churches, I have been given a double opportunity to influence the lives of many wonderful and unique women. For this I am truly blessed.”

Perkins, wife of the Dr. James A. Perkins, (Pastor of the True Friendship Missionary Baptist Church of Inglewood) for 47 years, is a Sunday School Teacher, counselor, lead soloist and other related work with families to insure orderly services. Additionally, the Shreveport, Louisiana native served as co-chair for Walgreens First Ladies Health Initiative Day and first Vice President of California State Ministers’ Wives & Ministers’ Widows.

“The First Ladies High Tea” is the premiere event for women of faith in Los Angeles,” Perkins said, “and while it’s always great to have your accomplishments recognized, it’s humbling as well.”


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