Yolanda Adams Wows With New Collection

“There’s a market out there for taller women; there’s a market out there for ample beauty-bodied woman. We didn’t need to reinvent the wheel — we’ll just improve it.”

And most of the 800-plus women who composed the near standing room only crowd at the 15th Annual First Ladies High Tea seemed to agree with Yolanda Adams as the gospel superstar unveiled her fashion collection to a robust round of applause.

Utilizing what Adams says is the “absolute finest fibers available in America”, styles in the collection range from “Timeless Classic” to “Sophisticated Elegance,” with separates and ensembles for all occasions: from sportswear to suits, from business apparel to holiday wear.

“It’s a really fine luxury knit that looks good on most bodies—more church, more business, more elegant. I believe the people who are going to be able to buy these clothes are people who look for classic pieces that they can wear with anything. So that no matter what happens in the season you’re going to always buy one piece.”

The line ranges in size from 4 to 26 and reflect the latest trends.

“The styles have to be on point with what’s happening in the fashion world so I’m going to always have my eye open to that. And then fabric, I’m always going to have to appease my smaller and my larger lady. Everybody who sees me knows I was always dressed appropriately. They won’t have to wonder well wait a minute, is it going to be too low in the waist or too low on the butt.”

Fashion is something that Adams has always been passionate about.

“I’ve always been into fashion. When I was younger I had to make my own clothes because they weren’t making them long enough. I’d have to go to the fabric place and make my pants.”

Several years ago, she attempted to launch a jeans line, but beset by challenges, rising costs and a then full-blown recession, she reconsidered. The second time around came with minimal financial risk on her part and keen investors.

“When they said that this was a partnership where it was minimal risk on her part as far as finances were concerned, I was so excited I didn’t know what to do with myself.”

Ranging in cost from $255 – $1700, the collection is as practical as some of the pieces are pricey.

“The pieces are just like the St. John’s pieces in that you can add the skirt or add a different jacket to the pants. It’s a combination of separates that you can mix and match for a great wardrobe.”

Take a look at some of the highlights.

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  • Do Yolanda Adams have a clothes catalog? If so, I would like to have one mailed to me. I like to order clothes on line or by catalog.

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